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We believe that inducing a temporary phrenic nerve palsy during this procedure may help in preventing the dislodgement of topical sealant.
In the remaining five animals, additional precautions were taken to prevent electrode dislodgement (see "Animal Care" section).
The risks of using anAEC for management of a difficult airway include dislodgement of the tube, airway trauma (e.
Problems related to the functioning and nursing of each drain were noted, including blockage, migration or dislodgement of the drain, need for vacuum recharge, breaks or leaks in the apparatus, as well as difficulties in the management of each drain.
A hazard also exists for patients with ferromagnetic implants or foreign bodies as a result of movement or dislodgement of the objects (9) or their heating up as a result of current induction.
It was noted that endotracheal tube dislodgement and the loss of arterial or venous access occurred more often in patients in the supine than with those in the prone position.
The unexpected dislodgement of a neonatal or pediatric endotracheal tube can be one of those clarifying events; sort of like a wave of crystallization that really clears your head.
Cheskin: Sprinturf offers an eight (8) year warranty policy covering: defective workmanship, UV degradation, excessive fading, seam rupture or dislodgement and a G-Max level under 125 for the duration of the warranty.
These recommendations have been made on the basis of documented adverse events following NSI, including reduced arterial and venous oxygen saturations (Ackerman, 1993; Kinloch, 1999; Ridling et al 2003), an increased incidence of dislodgement of bacteria from endotracheal tubes potentially increasing nosocomial infection risk (Freytag et al 2003; Hagler and Traver, 1994), and possible changes in haemodynamic parameters (Akgul and Akyolcu, 2002).
Unprotected intercourse can include: no contraception used, condom failure, dislodgement of a diaphragm or cervical cap, missed birth control pills, late contraception injection, ejaculation on external genitals or sexual assault when the women is not using reliable contraception (Dunn & Guilbert, 2003).
1) Cholesterol crystal embolization most commonly results from iatrogenic or spontaneous dislodgement of atheromatous material.