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It has been studied mostly in post surgical patients there is an intuitive assumption that increasing movement and sweating during second stage of labor can contribute to catheter dislodgement in obstetric population; our study was not designed to look at this question, however our data did not suggest an increased overall incidence of migration in this population group; magnitude of problem was comparable to surgical patients.
Several authors have indicated that the machines involved in venous needle dislodgements were tested after the incidents, only to find that the alarms were functioning and responded correctly within the default alarm limits (Sandroni, 2005; Sandroni, et al.
We also protocolised our sedation policy during this period as we felt this would help prevent dislodgements due to restlessness and agitation.
Encounters with drift algae were the most frequent, and slugs were observed crawling around or overtop of algae, which appeared to promote dislodgement.
If the branch is very large and possible dislodgement is a concern, a lead with a curled or sigmoid shape may be chosen.
Redsense Medical , recently awarded as "Emerging Company of the Year in European Hemodialysis" by Frost & Sullivan, addresses venous needle dislodgement, an issue which can cause serious as well as lethal incidents during hemodialysis.
As the first-ever active fixation left-heart lead for cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), the Attain StarFix lead has demonstrated a zero percent chronic dislodgement rate1.
Preventing dislodgement and unscheduled restarts of arterial catheters protects patients against rapid, massive hemorrhaging -- which can happen with accidental disconnection and dislodgement, and which further debilitates ICU patients who are already compromised," said Dr.
Results of a clinical trial I recently reviewed found beyond any question that securing catheters with StatLock reduced thrombosis, dislodgements and unplanned losses of the catheter.
Noting the "mistaken assumption" that catheter dislodgements are inevitable, Hanchett said that after two years of research, she and her company have concluded that "the StatLock product has clearly emerged as the leader, as the most tested and validated securement product in bona fide studies.
In addition to preventing catheter dislodgements, unscheduled restarts, and medical complications, StatLock provides "primary prevention" of needlesticks, offering an extra margin of safety for healthcare workers.