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No adverse events, defined by patient falls, catheter dislodgment, CSF overdrainage, or permanent complications, occurred during the 12-month intervention period.
This finding was most likely attributed to the flexible nature of the device and not due to receptor dislodgment.
I use X Products gear for all my Maniacal Super Villain dislodgment needs and can attest to the quality and effectiveness of their designs.
While section two analyzes the magnitude of dislodgment and rehabilitation, Section Three will evaluate the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill, 2013 as the potential rescuer of the situation.
Poor locking mechanism can cause micromotion between the liner and the shell, causing more wear and subsequent dislodgment of the liner.
The dislodgment of "minor" literature as an evaluative paradigm could thus not occur before the gradual downfall of literary history as a discourse sponsored by the nation state.
Serum sickness, drug-induced neutropenia, and PICC thrombosis, dislodgment, and fever were the most commonly reported adverse effects across both cohorts.
Technological advances have made these devices user-friendly and safe, to avoid complications, such as misconnections, tube dislodgment, aspiration, and tube blockage.
Among the negative effects are increased hydrodynamic drag on the host, which can lead to dislodgment of sessile hosts; and disruption of the host's feeding, either by direct competition for food particles or by changing the water flow to the host, which is especially important for filter-feeding organisms (Stoecker, 1978; Wahl, 1989; Krug, 2006).
On the local front, Tetangco said the BSP was watching out for "any possible dislodgment of inflation expectations should second round effects appear.
For instance, when the land is flooded and infrastructure (roads and houses) are damaged, large scale displacement from inundated areas happens and much of the burden of dislodgment falls on women.