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His venture was far too serious, and the results of exposure too fraught with danger, to permit of his taking any chances with a disloyal fellow-conspirator.
However, simply because she was surprised into a tiny exclamation of approval at sight of a splendid young stranger it must not be inferred therefrom that her thoughts were in any way disloyal to her spouse.
He could not be disloyal to his kind, and it was to more than Lizzie Connolly that his hat was lifted.
This loud speech, coming from a man of so formidable an appearance, somewhat daunted the disloyal party, and they fell into a sullen silence, which enabled Alleyne to hear something of the talk which was going on in the further corner between the physician, the tooth-drawer and the gleeman.
Her lover was in one of the three disloyal regiments.
It was selfish, no doubt, disloyal, wrong, but I could realize nothing save that the golden barrier was gone from between us.
This was considered a sort of disloyal falling away from the ruling feeling.
Bursts of disloyal laughter--you must remember that they are half German--greeted these suggestions, and Margaret said pensively, "How inconceivable it would be if the Royal Family cared about Art.
I, who love her better than my own life--I, who have learnt to believe in that pure, noble, innocent nature as I believe in my religion--know but too well the secret misery of self-reproach that she has been suffering since the first shadow of a feeling disloyal to her marriage engagement entered her heart in spite of her.
But if you keep company with a disloyal man, we might think that you were disloyal, too.
As to being disloyal, if it was any man but you he would not use the word to me twice.
He is also suspected of "a disloyal payment" in 2011 of two millions Swiss francs (PS1.