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However, most of them performed dismally, and the President has now given them ambassadorial positions for reasons only known to him.
However, he failed dismally at this and made his escape only having stolen one fizzy drink.
CANADA & MEXICO Monarch butterflies returned to Canada in dismally low numbers this summer after being down 80 per cent compared to a typical winter in Mexico.
The caretaker boss had to witness a defensive horror show as the Brewers failed dismally to make up for the 7-1 defeat at the hands of Bristol Rovers.
99 This dismally fails to live up to its promise of longevity, chipping badly within 24 hours despite claiming minimum coverage of three days and maximum of ten.
UNITY IS A MOST POWERFUL WEAPON After crushing triumphs for first Great Britain and Ireland, then the USA, in the Vivendi Trophy and Presidents Cup, team golf outside of the Ryder Cup is looking dismally predictable due to the nature of the two competitions.
South Africans have failed dismally to cut the energy consumption called for by state-owned utility Eskom and now face a dark 2009.
CALL me an old cynic but Paula Radcliffe's New York marathon win at the weekend could only have been motivated by the pounds 100,000 prize, given that she failed so dismally to win a medal a few months earlier at the Beijing Olympics when she was one of the favourites.
This August was the most dismally overcast on record and will end in a washout, experts predicted.
THIS month was the most dismally overcast on record and will end in a wash-out tomorrow, forecasters said today.
Summary: Public expectations of the current Cabinet's ability to make significant achievements were dismally low from the moment the ministers took office.
Malpas were dismissed for 132 at Pontymister as their batting failed dismally.