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Able UK will dismantle the former French naval vessel the Clemenceau in Hartlepool, despite fears over asbestos.
If granted permission, A&P hopes to win contracts to dismantle ex-Royal Navy vessels.
of Brownsville, Taxas, will dismantle the Hannibal Victory and the Sioux Falls Victory under the terms of contracts, each worth $979,000.
The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation purchased the building in 2004 and plans to dismantle it floor by floor, making the land that it's on part of the new World Trade Center site.
In addition to high-rise building demolition, the SK3500D can dismantle smaller buildings by changing the front attachment or crusher.
On 3-5 August, the flood waters receded, which allowed work crews to dismantle bridge beams on one lane of the bridge.
So our contract with Bierlein Companies was to dismantle just nine of the North Tower's 10 stories.
Among the string of successes claimed by RDC are the headlights used on the current 3 Series range: despite comprising numerous individual components and materials, they take little time to dismantle.
In late June, he introduced a resolution in the House "condemning the terrorism inflicted on Israel since the Aqaba summit, expressing solidarity with the Israeli people, and calling on the Palestinian Authority to take immediate and effective steps to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure on the West Bank and Gaza.
allegedly creating a "new and broad" interpretation of the Head Start Act to threaten local programs with legal action if they speak out against proposals to dismantle the program.
Even though ShowPro may not be involved in organizing a particular event, any company can retain their services to install a booth, have it set up and ready to go, and then dismantle the booth once the show is over.
It's pretty amazing to be able to work on this case and help dismantle an international organization, from suppliers on the street to all the way up to manufacturers in Mexico.