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So far as regards the wireless," Hamel said, "I rather believe that it is temporarily dismantled.
Some of the empty houses had been dismantled to their outer walls, some had been left to decay with time, and some were still inhabited by persons evidently of the poorest class.
As I moved away from the back of the church, and passed some of the dismantled cottages in search of a person who might direct me to the clerk, I saw two men saunter out after me from behind a wall.
Then after the report of the two shots, followed by a profound silence, there crept out into the cold, cruel dawn of Antarctic regions, from various hiding-places, over the deck of that dismantled corpse of a ship floating on a grey sea ruled by iron necessity and with a heart of ice- there crept into view one by one, cautious, slow, ea ger, glaring, and unclean, a band of hungry and livid skeletons.
They recalled not the familiar aspect of the Nan-Shan, but something remembered -an old dismantled steamer he had seen years ago rotting on a mudbank.
Wall Street has furnished and dismantled many of them very often - and here a deep green leafy square.
Having, in the absence of any more words, put this sudden climax to what he had faintly intended should be a long explanation of the whole life and character of his man, the oracular John Willet led the gentleman up his wide dismantled staircase into the Maypole's best apartment.
Whenever the old dismantled craft pitched heavily with her counter high in the air, she seemed to me to throw up, like an appeal, like a defiance, like a cry to the clouds without mercy, the words written on her stern: 'Judea, London.
A group of idle urchins had taken possession of the door-steps; some were plying the knocker and listening with delighted dread to the hollow sounds it spread through the dismantled house; others were clustered about the keyhole, watching half in jest and half in earnest for 'the ghost,' which an hour's gloom, added to the mystery that hung about the late inhabitants, had already raised.
Environment Agency North East environment manager Bob Pailor said: "In 2006, the Clemenceau was destined to be dismantled in India in appalling conditions for workers and the environment.
Such decisions are made based upon the perceived value of the dismantled commodities vs.
For jobs that require a higher reach, a crane is used to hoist the demolition equipment to the roof of the building to be demolished, and the building is dismantled from the top down.