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Upon being offloaded the dismantlement process of the equipment began.
One of them is the closure and dismantlement of unprofitable railway lines such as the section in question," the Transport Ministry says.
Government to press for bilateral or international inspection of the dismantlement of Russian nuclear weapons--because of American reluctance to accept such inspection of U.
In April, dismantlement works on the ship began at the Nerpa naval shipyard.
Foreign ministers, representatives and nuclear experts from 60 world countries participated in both events to discuss challenges on nuclear disarmament, countries' commitment to nuclear dismantlement and disarmament and aftermaths of inaction in the destruction of the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs).
Another source said that the United States, Japan and South Korea have been preparing a joint draft as the basis for discussions on the envisioned document, with Washington and Tokyo calling for the inclusion of the nuclear dismantlement clause.
They also called on the US and Russia, as main possessors of chemical arms, to show commitment to the timely dismantlement of their chemical weapons.
At the second stage, North Korea should make progress in the dismantlement process in a verifiable way while the other parties provide technical and financial support, the sources said.
Tenders are invited for Dismantlement of non functional 40 mtr (04-legged) high nblw bts tower at pakaribrawan (ssa-gaya).
The conference is due to deal with the member states' compliance with their commitment to the dismantlement of chemical weapons.
The United States will be ''patient'' in achieving its goal of North Korea's dismantlement of its nuclear weapons program, Secretary of State Colin Powell said Thursday.
Tenders are invited for Dismantlement of 400 KV D/C tower foundation with Excavation, Breaking of RCC chimney, cutting of steel, stubs and Back filling (6x4x3x3x2 Cum) of the same for 6 nos.