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All the talk surrounding implementation of the End of Life Directive has revolved around the impact on vehicle and component manufacturers, importers, dismantlers and reprocessors, and not how this will effect dealers,'' he said.
The public would be able to phone the hotline to report dumped vehicles, allowing them to be collected by vehicle dismantlers and disposed of safely.
Salyp NV, a Belgian engineering firm, has also developed ASR recovery technology that it plans to market to auto dismantlers and shredders.
For using their network of approved vehicle dismantlers, Find-a-Part on 0891 662766 offer a location service to both private motorists and traders for the price of just one phone call.
The Minister further stated that as per the information received from CPCB, there are a total of 98 number of registered recyclers and dismantlers having recycling/dismantling capacity of 29,30,57 MTA for environmentally sound management of e-waste under the E-Waste Rules, 2011.
After observing recycling processes at dismantler sites, Renault has added easily-accessible siphons into fuel tank and radiator designs, to allow simpler drainage and collection of fluids.
Additionally, faced with no longer getting even a nominal payment for their aging car or having no registered dismantler in the region, drivers may simply choose to abandon their cars.
But the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders told MPs of a possible compromise, involving making shredders and dismantlers of cars largely responsible for the system.
This way they will keep coming back to 1st Choice," the message ran, "which gives you, the dismantlers, the opportunity to keep on selling to them.
A BEDWORTH car dismantler has been fined pounds 4,000 for breaking government guidelines on waste storage.
based ship dismantler, seeks to overcome the hysteria about dangerous conditions and to focus on the company's environmentally compliant operations.
When a car now reaches the end of its life, the owner can take it to a scrap merchant or dismantler, often being paid by the business which then salvages what it can.