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Part 3: Dismantling, preparing for transportation, transportation and reassembly and commissioning 6 ZFCS laser systems manufactured by Coherent Inc.
In their response to the challenge though the Government insisted there was "no intention (to see) discussions on ship dismantling feature at this stage", adding they did "not see value in establishing additional discussions on this issue".
What is perhaps strangest about Zarif's complaint is that he objected to the word "dismantle" two days after photographs showed IAEA inspectors dismantling the connections between centrifuge cascades that enabled Iran to enrich above 5 percent.
And then there is the additional issue of where to send the more than 3,000 cubic yards of low-level radioactive wastes that would result from the dismantling of a used plant.
paragraph] Seek greatly accelerated implementation of START I and START II reductions, along with verified dismantling of warheads and missiles to be reduced and safeguarding of fissile materials.
The main task for Russia is how to dispose of plutonium which arises from the dismantling of nuclear weapons and how to dismantle and dispose of decrepit nuclear-powered submarines.
These funds, as invested, will allow Golden Eagle to pursue several of its most important goals related to its Buen Futuro project in eastern Bolivia, including initiating dismantling its Gold Bar mill and plant located in Eureka, Nevada, as well as shipping and re-erection in Bolivia once it has completed its funding.
To facilitate the dismantling process, Wiesner says, PRO has created charts and follows the same system for almost every car, looking for resalable parts, scrap items and rebuildable parts.
Operations include decontamination, health physics/personal dosimetry, chemical cleaning and dismantling of nuclear facilities as well as process cleaning.
Heat meter SKM-1-U1, SKM-1M-U1, SKS-3-U1, Ultraheat 2WR5, Megatron, Multicast, Rubikon Z2, WSD4, SKU-01M-U1 with conditional diameter DN 15mm, dismantling, installation - planned amount - 7;2.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Baghdad Operations Command announced on Thursday the dismantling of a number of improvised explosive devices and found piles of weapons and explosives and arrested wanted men in quality operations.
Market size and competition pattern of China ELV & dismantling industry as well as industry policies and development status of developed countries.