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Guadalajara: The bodies of nine men, most of them dismembered, were found inside a sport utility vehicle with Texas license plates in northeastern Mexico, prosecutors said Monday.
On March 29, his arm, dismembered at the elbow and wrist, was discovered on a grass verge in Wheathampstead, a 40-minute drive from Cottered.
Summary: Berlin, July 14, 2010, SPA -- A 28-year-old man has admitted to German police that he killed his parents, dismembered them with a chainsaw and stored the body parts in the family&'s garden shed, dpa reported.
A POSTGRADUATE student who killed, dismembered and ate parts of three prostitutes was told he will die in jail.
Griffiths dumped Ms Blamires's dismembered body in the River Aire at Shipley, about five miles from his home.
Moscow, May 17 (ANI): Police in Russian capital Moscow have arrested a man who dismembered an acquaintance and kept him in his fridge, eating the liver.
A porn star has been extradited to Canada to face questions over the death of a Chinese student whose dismembered body parts were sent in the post.
They said it was still too early to confirm how long the victim's body parts had been dismembered.
The dismembered remains of the 37-year-old were discovered at Thornton's Recycling Plant in Ballyfermot, West Dublin, on July 31 last year.
A man has been charged in connection with the murder of a missing woman who was found dismembered at a flat in south Wales.
NATHAN MATTHEWS has described the "surreal" moment he dismembered Becky Watts' body in his bath after killing her when a kidnap went wrong, a court heard.
I do not consider myself worth counting but even for me, plankton are so small the stars pass several galaxies pass the popular myths of India the fairy powers the maiden lily blooming in the thickets in the daytime the eternally feminine dominates the scene a familiar element among the powers at the very moment when I am dismembered, I am not dismembered when evening comes, your phantom appears we will never meet again face to face I was sure I would never get lost the goods of heaven are irrational it is more than I can bear it knows nothing about itself indeed is not yet itself not those nights of love, not those roads not one waking touch of you