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Since there were no bloodstains, police believe the boy may have been asphyxiated, burnt and then the body dismembered.
The missing woman is thought to be one of the eight women and one man who were dismembered and hidden in the apartment from late August to late October.
A police officer searching a flat at Andrews Court, Rickards Street, Graig, discovered her dismembered body just before 3pm on Friday.
They said it was still too early to confirm how long the victim's body parts had been dismembered.
Traditionally open retroperitoneal dismembered reduction pyeloplasty has been considered as the treatment of choice for uretero-pelvic junction obstruction with high success rates of over 95%.
Limitations of Dismembered and Non Dismembered Flap Pyeloplasty
Guadalajara: The bodies of nine men, most of them dismembered, were found inside a sport utility vehicle with Texas license plates in northeastern Mexico, prosecutors said Monday.
A porn star has been extradited to Canada to face questions over the death of a Chinese student whose dismembered body parts were sent in the post.
Moscow, May 17 (ANI): Police in Russian capital Moscow have arrested a man who dismembered an acquaintance and kept him in his fridge, eating the liver.
It was a major power but when it lost its public support it got dismembered.
Griffiths was told he will never be released from prison last year by a judge who heard how he butchered and dismembered three prostitutes in his Bradford flat.
A POSTGRADUATE A student who killed, dismembered and ate parts of three prostitutes has been told he will die in jail.