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The 28-year-old slumped into the witness box as he described dismembering the teenager's body Elizabeth Cook
BEIRUT: Speaker Nabih Berri warned Sunday of what he termed "a continuing scheme aimed at dismembering and partitioning several Arab states and plunging them into bloodshed and civil wars.
We view this result with delight- Tim Blackman, left, after Joji Obara, shown in a court drawing from last year, right, was found guilty of dismembering Lucie's body
Prosecutors on Monday demanded a 17-year prison term for a 23-year-old man accused of killing his sister and dismembering her body at their home in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward.
Obara, 53, is accused of dismembering her body and encasing her head in concrete before dumping her remains in a cave.
Sarah Kolb is accused of dismembering the body of Andrianne Reynolds, 16.
Armin Meiwes, 42, is charged with killing, dismembering and eating the flesh of Bernd Juergen Brandes, 43.
A GERMAN computer expert yesterday admitted killing, dismembering and eating the flesh of another man whom he had recruited on the Internet -but said his victim had been willing.
It secures his reputation as the Jeffrey Dahmer of novelists--dangerous and deranged, yet you have to hand it to him: When it comes to dismembering body parts and storing them in the fridge, nobody does it better.
The emphasis on the shaping and containment of femininity leads the author to metaphors of anatomy, jointing and dismembering.
Plains Indians battered and mutilated corpses during battle, including crushing skulls, dismembering bodies, and burning the remains, Bullock points out.
But Marshall yesterday admitted dismembering Mr Howe and disposing of his body parts across the two counties.