dismissal from office

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Tallado's dismissal from office stemmed from charges of Grave Abuse of Authority and Grave Misconduct filed by Edgardo Gonzales, the provincial veterinarian who Tallado relieved in 2012 from the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian and reassigned him as Public Information Officer (PIO) - a position the governor allegedly created for Gonzales.
Instead they are seeking Sereno's instant dismissal from office, either through an action of the Supreme Court itself or resignation on her part.
Ademola of the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court and the dismissal from office of Honourable Justice O.
The service board members have since gone to labour court challenging their dismissal from office.
As head of internal security for the tsar in 1915, he had the notorious Rasputin watched and wrote a key report against him, leading to his own dismissal from office.
Then, in July, the Communist Party of China launched an investigation against him for corruption, leading to Sun's dismissal from office and the precipitous end to his political career.
Ortega, precisely because of her criticism, is today facing the prospect of an imminent dismissal from office.
Volodymyr Groysman noted that soon there would be solved an issue of dismissal from office of heads of the National police in different regions, those who had failed to demonstrate efficiency in combating crime.
If the president refuses or declines to meet the visiting officials, it serves as indication of having developed different opinion about performance of a particular official and would normally lead to dismissal from office.
Property seizures and dismissal from office may also happen.
In any case, Kudrin's economic and financial logic is even more valid today than it was at his dismissal from office.
Yingluck faces possible dismissal from office in two verdicts expected within weeks by the constitutional court and the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).