dismissal of charges

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However, Dousa on Sunday rejected the request submitted by the head of Abu Issa and Madani defence team, Omer Abdel-Aati, demanding dismissal of charges.
Grand jury dismissal of charges against police officers in the July 17, 2014, chokehold death of Eric Garner in New York has returned racism to the forefront of the American political debate.
Moreover, in December 2014, radio anchor Aida Seoudy was temporarily suspended after criticising the dismissal of charges against Mubarak during her show.
ICC judges ruled in June that the 2004 dismissal of charges against Bemba in the CAR did not constitute a formal "decision not to prosecute" that may have brought the issue of double jeopardy into play.
It was a request for mercy, not for dismissal of charges.
Judge Frederick Jones said the accusations by grand jury member DeShay Ford, used by attorneys seeking the dismissal of charges against Michael Dally, are unfounded.
Thursday capped a series of events that began Tuesday with the dismissal of charges in Los Angeles Superior Court.
In another result of the corruption case, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office asked for dismissal of charges against 116 people arrested by the officers because of allegations people were framed with bogus warrants.
Ruling that the first dismissal of charges against a man suspected of murder really didn't count, a judge cleared the way Thursday for a Palmdale man to be charged a third time in the slaying of a marijuana distributor.
Rosen and Keith Weissman in seeking dismissal of charges brought by the U.
The Students Against the Coup (SAC) group promised to carry out demonstrations in response to the dismissal of charges against "members of the corrupt Mubarak regime".
to reconsider his dismissal of charges against a Rutland man accused of pointing a gun at an off-duty city police officer in March.