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With this in mind, it would probably be best if, in the interests of safety, cyclists could dismount and wheel their machines over what is after all a relatively short distance.
I was going to do the flying dismount if Treve won, but I had to wait
All Dodge HISAF bearings incorporate a built-in hydraulic piston used on both the mount and dismount nut to facilitate tightening the bearing on the shaft during installation, which then aids in removal when it is time to dismount and replace.
These elements allow for quick injection mold insertion and mold module plate exchanges of up to four sensors simultaneously, without sensor dismount or removal.
366 with his first attempt, but a fall on his dismount following his second attempt meant his average tumbled and eventually saw him finish eighth.
You should dismount at level crossings where a 'cyclist dismount' sign is displayed.
COUNCIL chiefs are ordering cyclists to dismount at a Welsh underpass even though just one person in the world would hit his head on the roof - and he lives in Turkey
1 : to get down : dismount <The riders alighted from their horses.
They were part of a four-man dismount team attached to the 4 Rifles Battle Group whose job it was to check roads for bombs.
Sensibly, cyclists in towns and cities have always been advised to dismount at busy junctions for their own protection.
And the Italian celebrated the one-and-a-quarter-length success by producing his trademark flying dismount, the first time he has done so since breaking his leg in the tragic plane crash back in June.
He described a competition once where having the courage to attempt a very difficult dismount earned him a victory.