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But as he rises to dismount, he casts one hurried glance from his own French mercenaries drawn up in the rear to the grim ranks of the Barons' men that hem him in.
Upon this the old man made his son dismount, and got up himself.
Up a small hillside he followed a cowpath through such dense scrub that he was forced to dismount and lead his horse.
and will bear with the pace of this poor jade, I shall be glad to ride on with you to the Warren, sir, and hold your horse when you dismount.
Four flying dismounts from Dettori would be our worst nightmare.
As the trucks went down into the low water crossing, concealing the truck completely, the dismounts moved 100 meters up the ditch.
I've got competitions coming up in the next couple of weeks and I can't practise my dismounts in case I get injured.
After picking up hostage negotiators the decision was made to break into the police compound and look for the missing soldiers He said: "Through the gap the Warriors, carrying the dismounts (soldiers), raced into their positions.
Frankie Dettori, fresh from hitting his rivals for six at Royal Ascot, thrilled the big crowd at Pontefract on yesterday with flying dismounts when completing a double on his only two rides, Mutasallil and Schapiro.

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