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The rest of the introduction discusses important distinctions between different kinds of disobedient uses of music such as "equivalency" and "transformational use.
Then it went on to say that if the dog is disobedient, "whoa" the dog then go to the dog and correct it.
The characters Latha and Biso weave their stories into alternate chapters in Sri Lankan author Ru Freeman's debut novel, A Disobedient Girl.
But ultimately He came as a perfect Saviour, dying upon a Roman cross, to deliver us from the judgment we deserve because of our sinful, disobedient nature.
Lievremont, who has hammered his squad in public in the past, calling them "cowards" after they lost to Italy in last season's Six Nations, branded those who disobeyed his instructions "ill-disciplined, disobedient, selfish brats".
Yes, they're boisterous, but they're not disobedient.
Max, a disobedient little boy sent to bed, creates his own world - a forest inhabited by ferocious wild creatures that crown him as their ruler.
Kamran warned that they would start the civil disobedient movement with the collaboration of civil society for lawyers release.
According to the paper, the mother had married another man and given up the custody of the child to his father's relatives, who claimed that he was hyperactive and disobedient .
Her one comfort and companion is Ableth, the strong willed, disobedient little blue pirate who is always there when Mimi needs him.
99) provides a series of pull-outs, pop-ups and fold-out fun to spice the story of a disobedient boy.
In his original judgment he accused her of being disobedient to her father.