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It is a paradoxbecause in theApologySocrates defends his disobedience, whereas in theCritohe refuses to disobey the verdict of the court.
If one lacks the basic necessities of life, one is permitted to disobey the sovereign in order to procure them.
I want all of you to quit the military, disobey your orders to kill and not to kill.
Tobias explains what sets strong-willed children off and why they sometimes choose to disobey.
The ordinance created a criminal offense based on the following four predicates: 1) an officer must reasonably believe that at least one of the two or more individuals present in a "public place" is a criminal street gang member; 2) the individuals must be "loitering," defined as "remaining in any one place with no apparent purpose"; 3) the officer then must order "all" of the individuals to disperse and remove themselves from the area; and 4) a person must disobey the officer's order.
To disobey the rightful king is to lose these qualities, the only ones that keep the world from a Hobbesian state of "mere nature.
Sandy decides to disobey her mother to try to trap a wild snake for her Show and Tell project, unaware of the serious danger she risks despite her mother's warnings.
Sources within the IPG said yesterday that the pilots' body was planning to move the Supreme Court against the High Court order, which had pulled up the agitating pilots, saying they could not "wilfully and flagrantly" disobey court orders.
Thus did Adam disobey his Lord, and thus did he stray into error.
This notion has been alive in Canada ever since the bishops' 1968 Winnipeg Statement which gave an erroneous explanation of our freedom to disobey Pope Paul VI's encyclical in favour of family life and against the contraceptive mentality (Hurnanae vitae).
On that basis he argued that Kendall-Smith was entitled to disobey the "unlawful" orders.
Since one of the indelible marks that makes us Catholic is our fidelity to the pope and bishops, how is choosing to disobey their teaching the "right" move?