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In case of failure to do so, then one needs to follow his conscience and disobey the law.
Even though loiterers are not subject to arrest unless they disobey a dispersal order, the loitering is the conduct that the ordinance is designed to prohibit.
We understand that this was all to give them the experience of what may happen when they disobey God and listen to the temptation presented by the Evil One.
He is entitled to say to this tribunal 'I hold that belief honestly and in these circumstances it's my duty to disobey these orders'.
Pakistan Awami Himayat Tehrik leader Maulvi Iqbal Haider has filed a petition against the Sharif brother's for provoking people to disobey official orders.
In Christ we have an example of one who dared to disobey, who challenged the religious and political leaders of his day.
Refusing to disobey Dixon, Navorski sets out to make a home for himself in a place where everybody goes and nobody stays.
Bishop Buckle's involvement with disaffected parishes in New Westminster "is contrary to the canons of the church" and those who encourage him "have in fact counseled him to disobey the oaths of his episcopal ordination and to disregard the order of the church.
REBEL MP George Galloway may have been right when he called the war on Iraq illegal, but I don't see how he can complain about being booted out of the Labour Party because of his comments about encouraging British troops to disobey orders in Iraq when they were putting their lives on the line.
Malory challenges her Puritanism by asking if Huck Finn is immora l to disobey the social mores of his time by helping Jim.
SLDN's own investigation shows that military commanders routinely disobey regulations, either out of ignorance or deliberately.
Will he advise the government to disobey the orders he has been issuing as a judge?