disobey the law

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To fight, that was to disobey the law, that was to risk his head, that was to make at one blow an enemy of a minister more powerful than the king himself.
Charges against the society included disrespecting the Constitution, supporting terrorists, seeking foreign intervention in domestic affairs, disrespecting judicial authority, using religion in politics, misusing places of worship to carry out political activities and inciting people to disobey the law.
Unfortunately, even with these increased penalties, we still have drivers who disobey the law, Gov.
If anyone tries to disobey the law, he will be shot at.
I've never suggested in my whole life people should disobey the law but in situations like this my advice would be to stay where you are.
We are doubly fortunate that he has reminded those who are all too quick to forget or reject the Founding Fathers' intent, that the Second Amendment is one of the foremost pillars in defense of individual liberty against tyranny, and that laws that limit the rights of the law-abiding to bear arms do nothing to prevent those who already disobey the law from using weapons to commit crimes.
If you want to disobey the law, you should be prepared to face the consequences," the editors, who had no personal skin in the enforcement game, proclaimed.
He can pay 50 euros and get a note from a shrink verifying that he is not psychologically fit for service, or he can declare that he will disobey the law on the grounds of conscience, which is an inalienable right guaranteed by the European Court of Human Rights.
While the bill carries no penalty for drivers who disobey the law, it is meant to raise awareness that Wyoming public roadways are also being utilized by commuters on bicycles.
He added people may think it's "okay to disobey the law.
No one can disobey the law if it is approved," Ghanizada insists.
Similarly, the Constitutional Court can defend itself based on the fact that it is the only side that has the right of issuing and interpreting rulings, in addition to the right to criticize the president in case he disobeys these rulings, bearing in mind that the post of president does not permit him to disobey the law.