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When we overtook her she feigned anger, and ordered us back to the palace, but for once we disobeyed her, and when she found that we would not let her go upon the last long pilgrimage alone, she wept and embraced us, and together we went out into the night toward the south.
Never in a long life," answered Lakor, "have I disobeyed a single command of the Father of Therns.
Fred had received this order before, and had secretly disobeyed it.
Ojo was by nature gentle and affectionate and if he had disobeyed the Law of Oz it was to restore his dear Unc Nunkie to life.
That is my name," Wingrave admitted; "but my orders below have evidently been disobeyed.
Therefore, he had disobeyed the will of both the gods, and earned the consequent punishment.
You do not know him; but I can tell you he is not a man to disobey as I have disobeyed him.
The oligarchs themselves were compelled to listen to the decrees of the Groups, and often, when they disobeyed, were punished by death--and likewise with the subordinates of the oligarchs, with the officers of the army and the leaders of the labor castes.
Don't call her untrustworthy until you're sure she has disobeyed you.
The alternative for Mercy lay between instantly leaving the library by the dining-room door--or remaining where she was, at the risk of being sooner or later compelled to own that she had deliberately disobeyed her benefactress.
You know, sir," says Blifil, "I never disobeyed you; but I am sorry I mentioned it, since it may now look like revenge, whereas, I thank Heaven, no such motive ever entered my heart; and if you oblige me to discover it, I must be his petitioner to you for your forgiveness.
Tell her that I have thus, to a certain degree, disobeyed her injunctions, in the hope that she may yet be inclined to see justice done.