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My appearance would be accompanied by people chasing me all over Blackpool trying to get me to say some disobliging words about Iain which I would not give.
Antoine Watteau's La Bourdelaise (or The Disobliging Woman) is the most enigmatic of his paintings.
Decidedly caustic are Candler's disobliging notes on members of the Legislative Assembly who were illiterate and sometimes corrupt, men such as McCann, Nixon, Hannah, Crews and others.
He has to be the most unsympathetic screen German since the businessmen Hans and Fritz in The Simpsons, who buy up the Springfield power plant and make disobliging comments about the local beverage.
Sykes takes Wise Blood as O'Connor's discovery of a narrative stance that could deliver her message without disobliging Caroline Gordon's insistence that she show rather than tell.
In this way, Rashid's expression of disobliging opinions is balanced by his honesty in recording his own misapprehensions and errors.
Most of it on days when (radio host Mark) Levin or (Sean) Hannity or Hugh Hewitt or Limbaugh have had something especially disobliging to say about me.
The result was a loss of civility, evident for example, in the behaviors of surly, selfish, impolite, disobliging counter staff who perceived customers as an imposition;
That may be true, but it is a pretty disobliging thing to denounce as fanatics people who are prepared to give up their annual holidays, as many do, to help the party.
Nowhere on the American continent has anyone every expressed from this dry and disobliging vegetable one fluid ounce of any sort of gum," writes Donald Culross Peattie in his book, A Natural History of Trees of Eastern and Central North America.
When Jane is discussing Bingley and his sisters" reluctance to accept her as a sister-in-law, Elizabeth says, "'if upon mature deliberation, you find that the misery of disobliging his two sisters is more than equivalent to the happiness of being his wife, I advise you by all means to refuse him'" (119), advice that is actually meant to eliminate Jane's scruples.
Beauties who have Charms enough to do and say what would be disobliging in any others but themselves.