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Luz Janeth Forero, former director of the Legal Medicine and Forensic Science Institute, about whom an article, originally published in the El Heraldo newspaper, was unfortunately reproduced on our web page and which refers to her mistakenly in derogatory, untruthful and disobliging terms.
Hasn't Gadhafi done enough to earn more than just a few disobliging communiques?
Gomez and Carghill now constellate two symmetrical triangles against Claverton, with his disobliging son Michael; they effectively operate as sinister stepparents, tempting Michael into an unknown alternative family.
Sykes takes Wise Blood as O'Connor's discovery of a narrative stance that could deliver her message without disobliging Caroline Gordon's insistence that she show rather than tell.
Although genetically engineered corn and tomatoes were commercially available by 1996, the disobliging woody perennial remained a challenge until the late 1990s, when a handful of groups had reported reliable transformation results.
In this way, Rashid's expression of disobliging opinions is balanced by his honesty in recording his own misapprehensions and errors.
The result was a loss of civility, evident for example, in the behaviors of surly, selfish, impolite, disobliging counter staff who perceived customers as an imposition;
He has to be the most unsympathetic screen German since the businessmen Hans and Fritz in The Simpsons, who buy up the Springfield power plant and make disobliging comments about the local beverage.
His wife's word or even her slightest whim are law to him and he would never dream of disobliging his spouse.
Uncooperative enemies have been sufficiently disobliging as to devise tactics intended to deny US airpower the targets it could certainly destroy were it able to locate them reliably.
Antoine Watteau's La Bourdelaise (or The Disobliging Woman) is the most enigmatic of his paintings.
Decidedly caustic are Candler's disobliging notes on members of the Legislative Assembly who were illiterate and sometimes corrupt, men such as McCann, Nixon, Hannah, Crews and others.