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The team wondered if disorganized heterochromatin could drive aging in healthy people, too.
There is a world of difference between disorganized chaos and organized chaos.
The problem of disorganized districts is not limited to Makkah or Saudi Arabia.
BEIRUT: Pharmacists expressed concern over increasing graduation rates and the disorganized state of medical dispensaries, during a series of meetings with top Lebanese officials Monday.
Among the eggs with one spindle, nearly 30 percent of the eggs from the severely obese group had disorganized chromosomes, while only 9 percent of the eggs from the normal BMI group had disorganized chromosomes.
In this book, Hays presents a new theoretical explanation for police use of force, suggesting that the use of violence by "rogue" police officers is far more likely to occur in disorganized neighborhoods--those where connections between residents are strained or broken by poverty, high residential mobility, and racial/ethnic differences.
In the Strange Situation, disorganized attachment is characterized by inappropriate responses by the infant such as freezing and rocking when the mother comes back into the room; these behaviors indicate a lack of appropriate coping mechanisms (Maim & Solomon, 1990).
That's a sample of how the decidedly disorganized Federal Emergency Management Agency has been spending between $600 million and $1.
HI AND WELCOME the result of diving into a filing cabinet filled with negatives, slides and photo CDs covering the last 10 years of my disorganized life.
Before attacking the inconsistencies, Handzlik questioned Moret about Fleishman-Hillard's billing, painting a picture of a confusing, disorganized system prone to errors.
His work, which relies on a collage of assorted styles and periods of architecture, takes on a ruined appearance--the cheap materials notwithstanding, he consciously adds a distressed, disorganized appearance to both his paintings and his sculptures--permitting an examination of the way memory abstracts and contemporizes iconic structures.