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But Swansea Coastguard received a call from the anglers at 5am on Saturday, requesting assistance because they had become disorientated as fog descended at Monknash Beach.
They came close enough to use CS gas, which would have disorientated him and saved money and misery for everybody in the city.
Fellow rider Fergus Sweeney agreed: "The horses hit that wall of fog and immediately get disorientated.
Disorientated workers are at greater risk of injuring themselves or others, with the subsequent issues of costly compensation and lost production.
The man headed into the mountain range saying he planned to be back three days later, but he became disorientated in the snow and wandered the area for more than a week.
Wearing scruffy jeans but without his trademark specs, the TV star looked disorientated as he left his pounds 1million home in Primrose Hill, London.
But as the remote-control gizmo dips and dives around on cables high above the action, the disorientated fans in New England have seen enough, based on how they reacted to CBS' coverage of the Patriots-Titans AFC playoff game from Foxboro, Mass.
Fish with modified otoliths became disorientated and swam in circles (164: 301).
The height of the barriers can't be established for safety's sake, to prevent people becoming disorientated by the view and careering over the edge - else why are they not raised much higher to prevent drivers of commercial vehicles becoming distracted?
The company's Soma Safe-Enclosure(tm) bed provides a safe, humane, and cost-effective alternative for individuals that are neurologically impaired and/or disorientated including patients with Alzheimer's related diseases, head injuries, Ritts syndrome and Parkinson's disease.
As one of its benefits this system will enable the accurate identification of unconscious and disorientated patients.