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In 2003, I curated an exhibition called Disorientation, which was about the state of affairs in the Arab world and the artists' reflections on that.
Joanna Murray, report author and senior lecturer in social research at King's College, said: "The combination of dementia and sight loss creates a profound sense of disorientation and provokes a great deal of distress, yet the role of sight loss in dementia is not being addressed.
Only by experiencing spatial disorientation can pilots be made aware of its effects and the challenges that arise when it happens, because it will.
In this article, we report a novel ultrasonic method for real-time study of the relaxations of orientation and disorientation of polymer melts.
On the second day of the institute, our task was to move from the disorientation of not knowing to the responsibility of finding out for ourselves.
To date, ETC has provided CAMI with two altitude chambers and three additional spatial disorientation trainers.
Twenty four dogs over eight years, all of whom were not suffering acute illness but, who showed symptoms such as disorientation, disturbed sleep pattern, house soiling or failure to recognise family and friends, were recruited into the study.
The queuing, the disorientation, the anomie, the slog of physical distances, the lack of daylight and the endless shopping malls as a substitute for any kind of interior life.
The disorientation is heightened by druggily saturated, overheated color and fish-eye anamorphoses that bring close closer and push distance farther away.
This embodiment of the disorientation of travel and love was comedic and cathartic, though its pervasive melancholia of loss ultimately rendered it as remote as the topography it charted.
The toxin can cause seizures and disorientation in sea lions, making a rescue much more difficult.
If the same happens in manatees, he says, it might explain their disorientation and seeming inability to swim away from a red tide.