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The NTSB's probable cause statement: "The pilot's loss of airplane control during a missed approach due to spatial disorientation.
Afterwards, the ultrasonic velocity starts to progressively increase as a result of the chain disorientation after the cessation of shear.
In 2003, I curated an exhibition called Disorientation, which was about the state of affairs in the Arab world and the artists' reflections on that.
Hour-long interviews with 52 people suffering from vision loss and dementia, family carers and care professionals found that the joint experience of both conditions led to disorientation and a sense of isolation, with many participants finding it difficult to recall the time and their surroundings, and unable to locate themselves using visual cues.
Sleep alterations, short-term memory alterations, disorientation, neurological signs/symptoms of instability, anxiety, minor cardiac alterations (heart rate, blood pressure), lower limb swelling, fatigue and other symptoms were all significantly lower by an average of 62% in the Pycnogenol group compared to the untreated control group.
These four mishaps stated loss of situational awareness (SA) or spatial disorientation (SD), or both, as mishap causal factors.
For many participants of this faculty institute, the disorientation of not knowing began the moment we stepped off the plane.
It uses electronic and acoustic instruments to explore the disorientations of war.
And Maj Hammond said there was no evidence of spatial disorientation.
Twenty four dogs over eight years, all of whom were not suffering acute illness but, who showed symptoms such as disorientation, disturbed sleep pattern, house soiling or failure to recognise family and friends, were recruited into the study.
In the December 2006 issue of African Business (Drugs syndicates target Africa) you state that the medical use of cannabis 'can lead to disorientation, paranoia and psychosis'.
The laundry list of maladies one can suffer in Mount Everest's ``Death Zone'' 7/8 frostbite, of course, but also brain swelling that can induce anything from life-threatening disorientation to madness 7/8 certainly seems to diminish the notion that it's a glamorous hobby.