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Shiites say they face discrimination in education and government jobs and that they are spoken of disparagingly in text books and by some Sunni officials and state-funded clerics.
On the other hand, a source from Saleh's party, the ruling GPC, spoke disparagingly of the formation of the national council, dismissing it as "names on paper", which will be of no use.
The European Commission has spoken out disparagingly Thrusday on incipient rumors that France might well be the next country with a credit rating downgrade.
McKenzie threw a wild right in the fifth round which simply left Bellew shaking his head disparagingly, and he countered with a long right which grazed the Derby man's temple.
These doctor-owned companies were disparagingly called "bed-pan mutuals," viewed as taking on risks that no one else wanted.
Whatever you or I may think of the man and his policies, and I am no card-carrying Tory, Mr Cameron is the Jam, Prime Minister of this country and I don't believe it serves the wider public interest for any newspaper to lower the tone by referring to him disparagingly in this way.
Abdul Qayyum Jatoi, minister for defence production, spoke disparagingly about Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry as well as the army while talking to reporters on Saturday in Quetta, capital of Balochistan province.
Mourinho is disparagingly known among some Barca fans as 'the translator', having begun his journey in football management in that role alongside Bobby Robson at the Nou Camp in the 1990s, before working as a coach under Louis van Gaal for three seasons.
And it did not restrict itself to the national problem -- its deputies spoke disparagingly of economic, social and educational policies of the government.
There are now two groups struggling to exist in a city running out of resources; the children and the 'grown ups', as they disparagingly term their adversaries.
I was favorably impressed by what Doris Hering disparagingly calls "academic detail" in Yuriko: An American Japanese Dancer, by Emiko Tokunaga ("DM Recommends," Oct.
Often I've declared I was born in Splott only to be disparagingly told that I was born the other side of the bridge (Splott Road bridge) and that was Roath.