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144) For example, researchers have noted that merit-based measures that are silent with respect to race, but which disparately burden persons of color, can legitimize unequal access to higher education for people of color.
The complaint from the County said, 'HSBC's lending activities are a primary cause of the disparately high number of mortgage loan delinquencies, defaults, foreclosures and/or home vacancies in (Cook County's) communities and neighbourhoods with higher percentages of minority borrower homeowners.
The mediation under the regional bloc, Inter-Governmental Authority on Development or IGAD are disparately trying to cut a deal on the three months old conflict.
Those codes continue disparately to determine employment and income.
And, although Justice Abella referred to a considerable amount of social science evidence concerning the harms of bullying generally and cyberbullying more specifically, (69) nowhere did the Court advert to other findings in those same reports that demonstrate who is disparately likely to be victimized by bullying and cyberbullying.
They have manipulated facially neutral laws to disparately punish, control, and marginalize blacks and to undercut our political participation.
From Khyber to Waziristan and from Mohmand to Bajaur and other parts of the tribal regions the ongoing war against terror has disparately created, sustained and reproduced impairments.
They stressed that peace is need of the hour and it is disparately needed for development.
It allows us to combine product opportunities rather than look disparately at what we do in these markets," said Jim Benintende, who will now be based in Dubai.
shown by our data, these enhancements would disparately impact black men
This type of discrimination was referred to by the court as prima facie (at first view) discrimination based on the fact that it disparately discriminated against Blacks.
This paper develops Greco's worries, which show that contextualism suggests either that there is no such thing as knowledge, or a weird view of knowledge: as disparately varied and undisciplined, individual-dependent and arbitrary.