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HEAA will reduce racial and ethnic health disparities in the health care system by funding efforts to improve language-access services and culturally appropriate care, reducing barriers to health care coverage and access, and improving women's reproductive and maternal health outcomes.
This focus on the fairness of some disparities and the unfairness of others strikes me as wrongheaded.
The December election was conducted with the same zoning of electoral districts as in the 2009 contest although the law enacted in November to reduce vote weight disparities requires that the number of lower house single-seat constituencies be cut to 295 from 300.
Since then, other studies have emerged documenting disparities in children's mental health care, finding black-white disparities in psychotropic drug use nationwide (Chen and Chang 2002) and in the Medicaid population (Zito et al.
The need and drive to eliminate health disparities continue to be major priorities in public health and health care.
The agenda was created by a partnership with the Florida Department of Health's Office of Minority Health, the Florida Center for Universal Research to Eradicate Disease and the Biomedical Research Advisory Council in coordination with 31 of the state's top health disparities researchers.
Health scholars often emphasize between-groups disparities in health, but here we found that within-group disparities often far exceed the between-groups disparities, and the changes in total health disparities in the last two decades are mainly driven by the changes in the within group disparities.
Equity is a principle fundamental to quality health care, yet racial and ethnic disparities not only exist--they are associated with worse patient outcomes.
In this paper the researcher explored the socioeconomic factors that influence disparities in immunization.
The National Institutes of Health announces the transition of the National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NCMHD) to the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD).