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Nor are the authors necessarily to be applauded for the dispassion with which they discuss stories involving gratuitous violence, pedophilia, and other, similarly outlaw matters.
Let us find new ways to talk about what is normally kept silent--to counter critical distance and academic dispassion with the acknowledgment of our own irreducible intimacies.
Shrewdly and with dispassion, Talbot analyzes the factors that may have prevented him from becoming a major player--possibly (as he thought) his activities as a founder of the Screen Actors Guild, or more probably (in her view) the lack of that ineffable something that makes for star quality.
25) To be sure, dispassion, or apatheia, suggests an ontological adjustment--the purity of heart.
53) "Upali, the dhammas of which you may know, 'These dhammas do not lead to utter disenchantment, to dispassion, to cessation, to calm, to direct knowledge, to self-awakening, nor to Unbinding': You may definitely hold, 'This is not the Dhamma, this is not the Vinaya, this is not the Teacher's instruction'" (Satthusasana Sutta, AN 7.
But when I read Poets Against the War, it is not the poems of firsthand testimony that I find most engaging, but those with formal complexity and a dispassion that comes from personal disinterestedness.
We recommend that such a study be undertaken and the results examined with dispassion and care,'' Bobb wrote in the report.
Uncharacteristically, the painter seems to have responded to the attributes of "La Belle Fernande" with dispassion and detachment, treating, at least in the works at the National Gallery, her features, body, stances, and even hair style simply as stimuli for the pursuit of formal imperatives.
Perhaps her journalistic background compels her to a counter-productive dispassion.
Many offended close readers (as well as nonreaders) responded to the assertion of authorial distance and dispassion by arguing that it was only a trick to disguise actual blasphemous intent.
Instead, he became enmeshed in molecular biology, a science that comes close in its standards and dispassion to physics or chemistry.
Nevertheless, Hughes and Kramer were important figures in the debates of the period, and reading them again now--with the dispassion that distance brings--offers some interesting perspectives.