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Emergency Medical Services Corporation's (NYSE:EMS) American Medical Response (AMR) subsidiary announced today that the Joint Radio User Group (JRUG), a collection of 13 San Joaquin County (CA) fire districts, has transferred all its emergency medical and fire dispatching services to AMR's new LifeCom communications facility in Salida, Calif.
Dispatching any of the emergency services is a difficult and stressful responsibility.
These services include call input, dispatching, event status monitoring, field unit communication and tracking, for event resolution.
By adding automated dispatching to their array of 911 technology, cities and counties can distribute an emergency dispatch to a fire/EMS crew more quickly -- which speeds response times and often can improve the outcome of the emergency.
Locution Systems' CADVoice(R) automated dispatching and fire station alerting technology to provide faster dispatching for fires and medical emergencies
When cities and counties add automated dispatching to their 911 communications infrastructure, there are obvious and dramatic improvements in how quickly a 911 dispatch can be sent to the fire or EMS crew designated for response," said Glenn Neal, Locution Systems' president, founder, and chief technology officer.
We believe we will be able to deal with most of our problems if we are able to hire and train more paramedics,'' Bamattre said after a news conference to discuss the department's dispatching system.
MDSI personnel represent some of the original developers and innovators of mobile data technology and computerized dispatching.
InterAct's flexible CAD system helps to ensure the accuracy and optimize the efficiency of public safety departments' dispatching operations.
GLENDALE - The Verdugo Fire Dispatch began receiving and dispatching fire and emergency medical calls for the city of Monrovia as of July 1.
TTI is an application software provider and integrator with the capability to deliver an entire automated dispatching and mobile data solution.
Instructor Light said the InterAct systems' intuitive features and interfaces have made it much easier for students with varying levels of computer knowledge to learn the dispatching process quickly.