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People think about Islam and terrorism, or Islam and women, but we want to try and dispel the stereotypes.
But para lang to dispel that insinuation na kaya ganun, kaya hindi kaagad trinansfer is because kakuntsaba namin noon.
Dispel is the next generation of privacy protection, incorporating the best of encryption, anonymization, location protection and more to defeat today's threats.
Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the jungle: I'd like to change people's perceptions about footballers
Global Banking News-November 8, 2012--ECB president dispels fears of a euro zone break up(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Organiser Sue Macklin said: "It aims to create interest in analogue photography, stimulate creativity and dispel fears about people and their neighbourhoods and get people to go to places where they might not have been to before.
Among the myths the report seeks to dispel is that asthma is a childhood disease.
Artistic director Kevin McKenzie was on hand at the LIU orientation last fail to offer full support and dispel any fears that college might be looked upon as a conflict of interest.
Let's dispel some myths about the corporate attorney-client relationship.
We asked bisexual Pete Chvany, coeditor of the book Bi Men: Coming Out Every Which Way, to help us dispel some.
A statement such as that published does nothing but spread the myth of permanent economic stagnation in Latin America that LATIN TRADE, I thought, was trying to dispel.
Daylight filters through window strips high above, in the pavement of the Kleine Schlossplatz, helping to dispel any feelings of claustrophobia in the long corridors with their neutral whitewashed exhibition spaces.