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Even Mary Magdalene, who had seven demons dispelled from her--the full complement of possession according to Mesopotamian demonology--was freed entirely, enough to become one of Jesus' most fervent followers thereafter.
KARACHI: In an unexpected development, MQM chief Altaf Hussain dispelled a perception that his party was going to quit the PPP-led coalition and assured President Asif Ali Zardari of his party's continued support to the government.
Many of the myths and misconceptions have been dispelled through scientific research and most coaches have become fully aware of the positive effects of strength training upon their athletes.
We wanted to create a film that took people there, showed them the inside, and dispelled any false rumors.
In direct contrast are the agitated, angst-filled movements of Gizella Witkowsky and Roberto Campanella, a kinetic turmoil always dispelled by the tranquillity of Illmann and Tewsley.
At Sally Ride Science camps girls find themselves in an environment where they feel comfortable expressing and exploring their interests in science and math, and the notions that science "is for boys" and "isn't cool" are dispelled.
Compared to a placebo used by the other participants, the drug dispelled pain more quickly and rendered cold sores noninfectious sooner.
The fear of not being noticed by college scouts because of their high school choice was dispelled.
Although several teams have been mentioned in Charles Barkley trade rumors, especially the Knicks, Sir Charles himself dispelled thoughts that he might somehow end up a Clipper.
The reason I have decided to take this step is that the Cell paper controversy created a climate of unhappiness among some in the University that could not be dispelled," he said in his Dec.
Key questions answered and myths dispelled in this report include: