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Benchley dispels a large number of myths commonly believed about sharks and advocates for their preservation.
A new report dispels the myth of a connection between poverty and learning.
With her professional expertise, she dispels contemporary myths about how young children experience race, at what age race becomes important in their psychological development and how to support adolescents as questions of race and self-esteem arise.
In "Construction Contracts: How to Mange Contracts and Control Disputes in a Volatile Industry", Edward Whitticks dispels the myth that "there has to be a winner and a loser" in contractual management and dispute control.
He also dispels the myth of the inevitable midlife crisis and describes what he deems the "inner push" that drives middle-aged and older people to seek out new, enriching life experiences and relationships.
Fraser dispels some of the more flagrant calumnies directed at the queen, such as her involvement in the affair of the Diamond Necklace.
Companies Present New Forrester Research that Dispels Enterprise Wireless Myths; Extensive Wireless Deployment at Intel's Jones Farm Campus
This publication dispels the myths of WiMax and puts its business prospects into perspective.
Our reconstruction dispels any notion that summers in northern [Finland and Scandinavia] were consistently warm throughout that period," the researchers write in the Aug.
Wicked Ale has an inviting ruby-brown color and a surprisingly smooth finish that dispels the myth that dark beers are bitter.
counterparts dispels assumptions that offshore companies as a sector are either politically tainted underperformers shunned by investors, or that a tax haven address in Bermuda automatically makes one a Wall Street darling, according to Ernst & Young National Office West (EYNOW), a group dedicated to transactional tax services.