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This, he said, should dispel fears of a euro zone break up.
And for anybody who is leaving their four-legged pal at home, the Drinkwell Pet Fountain gives pets the impression that they're drinking from a running stream--and more important, it dispels the impression that the toilet is a fresh mountain spring.
A systematic and historical analysis of Eskimo dwellings in Greenland, the Central Arctic, Bering Strait and south-west Alaska/Siberia dispels the classical image of the igloo, the house comprised of blocks of snow, as the sole type of Eskimo dwelling.
She dispels myths about breastfeeding, including that it will stunt a baby's growth or make the child grow too attached to the mother.
Christianson dispels the idea that global warming is a modern phenomenon in Greenhouse: The Dramatic 200-Year Story of Global Warming Walker Publishing, $22).
Published by the Big Six firm's Personal Finances Services Group, the book dispels the myths that cloud financial visions and lays out the simple faces of money management.
In "Construction Contracts: How to Mange Contracts and Control Disputes in a Volatile Industry", Edward Whitticks dispels the myth that "there has to be a winner and a loser" in contractual management and dispute control.
Davis presents Ghosts and Shadows of Andersonville: Essays on the Secret Social Histories of America's Deadliest Prison, an in-depth scrutiny that openly dispels commonly held misperceptions about the so-called "American Death Camp" of the Confederate prison of Andersonville, and the trial of its most famous figure, Captain Henry Wirz.
She first dispels many of the myths that surround human development, including, for instance, the idea that birth order has an effect on personality.
Benchley dispels a large number of myths commonly believed about sharks and advocates for their preservation.
A new report dispels the myth of a connection between poverty and learning.
With her professional expertise, she dispels contemporary myths about how young children experience race, at what age race becomes important in their psychological development and how to support adolescents as questions of race and self-esteem arise.