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Here's the Marketing Rx that my analysis of the survey data on the definitely dispensables uncovered: "Learn how to do market segment targeting of the NON-USER and LAPSED USER segments that are in so many product categories particularly in the definitely dispensables.
SMP is continuing its efforts in this area by commercializing digitally dispensable conductors suitable for low-temperature substrates.
Too many people view wealth as the be all and end all; relationships are more dispensable than fat wads of cash.
But she added: "There are graveyards full of dispensable people, and Richard will one day be in one of them.
Warren Buffett's ``Indefensible'' has become dispensable.
A professor, who creates and delivers each course in a traditional classroom, becomes more dispensable online after putting the course together in a form that can be sent out again and again.
The survey, however, indicates that dental benefits are not viewed as dispensable by job seekers, and that reducing or eliminating dental is not likely to be appreciated or understood by the workforce.
Candiotti, in the final year of a two-year, $6 million contract, is dispensable - largely because of his salary and largely because Chan Ho Park may be ready to be a starter.
I hate to admit that because it kind of makes me dispensable,'' he said.
RAWALPINDI -- The Corps Commander Conference has reviewed the country's internal and external security situation and vowed to continue the effort for dispensable peace in the country.
The mark of a good manager, as they say, is to make oneself dispensable, and I believe that 10 years hence, the business has prospered under their capable leadership, coupled by a bench of professional management,' he said.
But sadly, the fatality count over the years reveals that for many of them, these indispensable virtues were entirely dispensable.