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It was categorized into two groups on the following criteria if the ratio of diameter of chorionic blood vessels of placenta at the periphery and at the center (p/c) is half or less than half it is categorized into dispersal type, more than half then it is categorized into magistral type.
This report is a collaboration between Maternity Action and the Refugee Council to investigate the health impact of dispersal and relocation on pregnant women seeking asylum and new mothers.
aegypti dispersal, a few of the studies correspond to natural dispersal; these studies indicate dispersal distances shorter than 200 [m.
We evaluated three predictions with respect to cougar dispersal behaviour: 1) natal population density and maternal reproductive status prompt dispersal (density-dependent hypothesis), 2) dispersal patterns are non-random, being shaped by habitat fragmentation and connectivity (landscape permeability hypothesis), and 3) dispersers settle in areas of high habitat quality exhibiting relatively high turnover rates (attractive sink hypothesis).
Independent member Richard Parry Hughes blamed the Press for the furore by giving the impression that the dispersal order involved a ban.
The company has a loan dispersal target of INR18bn for the fiscal year 2012.
In this study we aim to understand how secondary seed dispersal could enhance seed and seedling survival.
Lars Eystergaard, plant geneticist at the John Innes Centre and co-senior author of the study, said that seed dispersal is also a key trait that must be controlled when domesticating plants for food production, according to the centre's press release.
Aerial Dispersal of Pollen and Spores" uniquely emphasizes the critical, interacting biophysical processes that control the dispersal of particles in the atmosphere.
Dispersal begins when the fruit (and sometimes the enclosing calyx) abscises from the mother plant.
KEY WORDS: abalone, larvae, dispersal scales, dispersal modes, larval connectivity
Objective: Dispersal is a fundamental trait for the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of any given species.