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The researchers found that a rise in temperature, from 22A[bar]C to 27A[bar]C, accelerated pod shattering and seed dispersal in Arabidopsis plants and important Brassicaceae crops such as oilseed rape, a key ingredient in vegetable oil.
Aerial Dispersal of Pollen and Spores" will aptly serve as a valuable reference for researchers, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates in the fields of plant pathology, plant biology, meteorology, agronomy, and agricultural engineering.
The mericarps of Salvia are small but larger than dust seeds or spores, so they are small enough to be transported by wind but unlikely to achieve long-distance dispersal except by extreme winds.
Larval dispersal is one of the key factors controlling the population connectivity between the natal and remote populations (Pineda et al.
Sumalbag and the other victims of the violent dispersal wish not to be approached, interviewed and/or asked for any statements without our presence and assistance as their counsels.
We are working with our partners to reduce these instances and this dispersal zone is part of that work.
Police stings, including 'Operation Wilbur', have been running to try and tackle problems in the Horeston Grange area as well as in Weddington but the dispersal zone has been actioned to try and stem the recent trouble.
The dispersal zone gave police and community support officers the power to disperse anyone involved in anti-social behaviour.
oleifera increase after both bat seed dispersal and terrestrial vertebrate seed dispersal away from the nearest conspecific adult, because there seed predation and arthropod herbivory are lower.
Studies have investigated dispersal of seeds by Terrapene caroling (Rust and Roth, 1981; Braun and Brooks, 1987; Liu et al.
Inspector Gareth Jones, from Gwent Police, said: "I have authorised the use of dispersal orders in the Caerphilly area over the last few weekends to help target and prevent incidents of anti-social behaviour.
2004; Congreve & Lieberman 2010) have supported dispersal between Laurentia and Baltica or proposed Baltica as a source area for some Richmondian taxa (e.