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d] is the average disperse elements' volume fraction and therefore the local particle number density is expressed as
Recommended for coatings and pastes, it disperses one or more finely divided solids into liquids and will simultaneously deaerate.
1:5 and ex] ratio [greater than or equal to] 1 would not disperse and soils with a Ca: [Mg.
It matters not whether the reason that a gang member and his father, for example, might loiter near Wrigley Field is to rob an unsuspecting fan or just to get a glimpse of Sammy Sosa leaving the ballpark; in either event, if their purpose is not apparent to a nearby police officers, they may - indeed, they "shall" - order them to disperse.
Organic materials such as fungal hyphae and fine roots can help prevent dispersion by stabilising macroaggregates and thereby reducing the surface area from which clay can disperse (Tisdall 1996).
For instance, some birds that pollinate plants and disperse fruit seeds are so specialized that their loss will jeopardize the plants they serve, says Sekercioglu.
About 35 deputies were able to disperse the crowd and restore calm after about three hours.
Conservationists have fretted for years about the possibility that the loss of fruit-eating animals could wipe out the plant species that they disperse.
FM mixer gas tge ability to frictionally elevate the temperature of material being mixed and to disperse agglomerated fine powders including most pigments.
Hard-to-disperse pigments like some types of yellows, phthalocyanine blues, and quinacridone reds are said to disperse in a single extrusion pass instead of the two or more passes typically required.
Drais Pen ball mills finely disperse and homogenize high-, medium-, and low-viscosity materials and stiff pastes.
Apart from the most important factors for homopolymers, such as orientation and crystallization phenomena, the mechanical properties of two-phase systems are also influenced, to a large extent, by the particle size and distribution in the disperse phase.