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he interfacial tension between the two liquids largely depends on the expansion rate determined by the disperse phase flux, and on the concentration and type of emulsifier.
d] be the characteristic size of disperse elements and L be the characteristic length of the region where the disperse phase flow develops.
Disperse phase domains in 40% ESO systems are about one order of magnitude smaller than disperse phase domains in the samples with higher ESO content.
As particles of the disperse phase crosses the incident laser light is scattered by the different phase domains in the melt, being the scattering cone captured by a diffusive screen.
where [phi] is the volume fraction of disperse phase, R is the radius of droplets of disperse phase, and a is the interfa-cial tension and [[eta].
1, the detector signal depends on the volume concentration and size of the disperse phase.
The critical capillary number is a function of the viscosity ratio p and the nature of the flow, where p is the ratio between the viscosity of the disperse phase and that of the continuous phase:
On the other side, the phase morphologies were analyzed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and the composition-structure effects on the disperse phase morphology discussed.
It has been shown that the disperse particle sizes in physical blends depend crucially on the blend composition because of the increasing influence of coalescence with an increasing concentration of the disperse phase.
The subsequent comparison of the capillary number with critical capillary number calculated for this section shows whether a breakup of the disperse phase is basically possible.