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Many times lab operators will make a batch on a single shaft disperser that have viscosities that are beyond the capabilities of a single shaft disperser.
The advantage of the high speed disperser is that it is a cost effective and durable piece of equipment that is easy to work on and has minimal wear parts, according to Mr.
Agitators, Blenders, Disperser Blades, Dispersers, Ink Production Equipment, Mixing and Dispersing Control Instruments Corp.
Most studies concerning frugivory and endozoochory center on avian and mammalian systems (Braun and Brooks, 1987) partly because they are viewed as the most important dispersers of seeds of modern gymnosperms and angiosperms (Fleming and Lips, 1991); however, reptiles also can play an important selective force in evolution of angiosperms (Tiffney, 1986).
Dispersion, Emulsion, Beadless disperser, Disintegration, Droplet, Ultra-thin film high-shear disperser, Nano-particle
Portable liquid mixing equipment includes laboratory stirrers, high-speed dispersers, 5-gal mixers, and drum mixers.
The unit also includes a self-contained high shear rotor stator mixer, a high speed disperser, a three wing anchor with TFE scrapers to clean the sidewalls and more.
The individual riot control agent disperser has been changed from Federal Supply Class V (ammunition) to Class II (individual equipment).
SALT LAKE CITY -- EnviroProp Corporation of Salt Lake City, Utah and Sarasota, Florida, unveils its NEW Carbon Monoxide (CO) Disperser, available immediately as an accessory to EnviroProp's SUPROGUARD, the only propeller guard that protects against exposure to deadly Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas, while protecting any and all persons and or marine life from the ever present danger of propeller strikes, yet maintaining performance once installed on any marine propeller driven outboard, I.
beaucoup moins que] Les forces marocaines ont mene une violente attaque contre les manifestants a travers des jets de pierres sur les maisons des citoyens sahraouis et la repression pour disperser les manifestants, en particulier dans les quartiers de Hay Matalla et Daddach [beaucoup plus grand que], a indique SPS.
Dispernator: The new Inline Disperser is versatile and flexible in use.
Compared to other single-shaft agitators, the economical Bow Tie Disperser is more robust and heavy-duty, capable of handling viscosities up to several hundred thousand centipoise.