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The main advantages of the Conti-TDS are: installation outside the vessel; connections through pipe or hose; liquid is circulated; an induction vacuum is created in a specially designed dispersing zone; induction directly from bags, hopper, barrel, container, BigBag or Silo is possible, as is pumping to a storage vessel with same machine.
Liquid flows through the dispersing chamber that builds up a high induction vacuum with rates up to 800 lbs.
Because six dispersing owls were not relocated until 2-4 years following disappearance from their original territory, we may have underestimated the number of dispersal events for these owls.
Due to these properties, there is a growing demand for dispersing agents from both existing and emerging end-user industries, thus driving the market.
According to the report, the dispersing agents market is fragmented and has an immense potential to attract various small and big level industry players.
ZetaSperse 3700 is designed for the particular challenges of dispersing DPP, azo and phthalocyanine pigment chemistries.
Axial and radial mixing are said to offer exceptional plasticating, dispersing, and homogenizing of polymer with additives.
The formulation shown in table I could easily be expanded to include many more items if the mixture requires dispersing agents, silane primers, propellants, flame resistant components or haptic and olfactory enhancers.
The blanket does the opposite of the boots: It prevents the blast from dispersing.
The previous discussion concentrated on the dispersing and stabilising effects of various organic materials, but there is another possible explanation for the association of various organic materials with various clay fractions.
We were all dispersing as we were told and they rolled up on us with their horses and began hitting us with their batons,'' said Kelly Brand, 34, of Los Angeles who was at the protest with the American Indian movement.