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Larger aperture telescopes are affected more than smaller ones because of their better resolving power, so the effect of dispersion becomes significant at a higher object altitude.
A change in dispersion stability can be caused by many processes which manifest themselves by a change in particle size and thus by a change in viscosity and in sedimentation velocity (Loria et al.
1%) in water/DBSA (1%) solution (30 min, 50 W), addition of the resultant dispersion into a previously prepared PANI/DBSA (~1%) dispersion (1:1 ratio between the dispersions).
Raven 2500 Ultra recommended for high jetness and Raven 410 Ultra for good dispersion.
Although we do not know enough its cardiovascular and pro-arrhythmic effects yet, in order to investigate the relationship between weight loss and QTc dispersion in obese subjects, it would be better to exclude the patients receiving orlistat.
The DCM-PC is a more cost-effective solution than the alternative - dispersion compensation fiber (DCF) - and provides the same functionality as DCF or traditional DCMs while replacing dedicated and costly terminal floor space needed to house hardware or DCF spools.
Aqueous Polyurethane Dispersion International and China Market Analysis
A proper dispersion will ensure uniform pigment in the coating and maximize hiding power.
Hy Dense zinc ultrafine as a dispersion and for color concentrates.
This novel technology allows Nanophase to manufacture a nanoparticle dispersion and adjust the pH to match requirements, while maintaining highly-ordered, stable dispersions.
One current focus at NIST is on the dispersion and distribution of CF3I at temperatures below its normal boiling point (-22 [degrees]C).
Dispersion polymerization is a proper approach for the synthesis of uniform latex particles in micron-size range (5).