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1977), Richley (1992, 2000) employed the use of sand blocks to prevent tunnel erosion resulting from installation of an optical fibre cable in highly dispersive soils near Campania, Tasmania.
Polyolefins are strictly composed of sp (3) bonded hydrocarbons, which would be dominated by dispersive interactions.
and an Oxford (model 3000) bench-top energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence instrument, with each sample run at least twice and the results averaged.
Engineer Mike Cleator said that the dispersive direct injection technology already available had some disadvantages.
a global leader focused on improving the health and safety of people and the environment, introduced the Supra-d(TM)QuEChERS Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) solution for sample preparation using the QuEChERS method (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, Safe).
Dispersive software divides data into non-duplicated packet streams and sends them down multiple independent paths.
Contract notice: Acquisition Of A Probe Energy Dispersive Microanalysis () EDS For SEM HITACHI TM-3000.
If the shear forces are sufficiently large, particles may fracture, as in dispersive mixing.
Russia) and Rukhadze (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) diverge from the many other books on linear wave theory by presenting the general theory of linear waves as a branch of mathematical physics that describes the dynamics of linear waves in equilibrium and non-equilibrium dispersive media and systems, irrespective of their physical nature.
In this article, a higher-order system of dispersive evolution equations and the associated energy integral are used to study the energy balance across an undular bore.