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Outside, among the cooking pots and children, scrawny hens peck dispiritedly and a dusty donkey lies curled agianst a fence.
I've found that if I stare dispiritedly enough, the fore- and backreverse, a simple but endlessly entertaining optical illusion.
This," Georgie murmured, but dispiritedly, "is something for the board of health.
She also has the gift her grandmother calls the "confidence of horses," which allows Corrie to communicate with her horse who lives dispiritedly in his sire's shadow.
IT was David Moves' last sentence, tossed over his shoulder as he trudged dispiritedly down the Goodison staircase, which was the most telling.
The weather is bad and gets worse; the men argue dispiritedly about whose turn it is to carry Jack's ashes; flashbacks tell us about their military service in World War II; and we come to feel that the years of barroom banter cover up lots of disappointments.
Seven years after independence, the Estonian economy is growing by a robust five per cent a year, while Russia's wanders dispiritedly toward disaster.