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de Crecy's own enthusiasm does not seem unalloyed, given that her introduction talks rather dispiritingly of the `pauvrete' of the `elements descriptifs' and `la presentation des personnages' (p.
Set in Russia of the early 1990s, several of the stories depict dispiritingly low, degenerate life.
They show how human values can be injected into commonplace and sometimes dispiritingly reductive programmes.
Dispiritingly, the record shows that Saddam is able to quash any challenge - real or rumoured - and there is no reason to believe that he will not survive 1994.
African broadband business models have long been so dispiritingly brutal that it is hardly surprising that few private service providers have ever created any meaningful value out of them.
And there was a dispiritingly large number of guest players, including a double-bass section where there was only one genuine school-student (and how well he did), supported by some illustrious deps.
Now Tokyo has returned, dispiritingly, to its old ways.
Swann was to have a hand too, literally, in the next wicket - an outrageous and dispiritingly symbolic piece of misfortune for Tendulkar, summing up as well as anything this summer a tour on which nothing has gone right for India.
Turn out at this year's General Election was dispiritingly low.
The quotation from Graham's `Let Me Measure My Prayer With Sleep' continues a dispiritingly twee case in favour of poetry and dream and against the grasping reality of the rent collector, with `Leave me for child's sake hubbed in harebells' and that odd word, hubbed, which seems to be Graham's own coinage, suggests an image of the speaker as a child at the `hub' of a perhaps circular swathe of flowers.
Saleem's history, so marvellous, so exhilarating, so vital, ends in the destruction, most dispiritingly, of hope: "New myths are needed, but that's none of my business.