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The maximum coal-fired generation and emissions that may be displaceable by existing NGCC plants is estimated in Table 3 and Table 4.
Notice that this also leads to the conclusion that the effects of displacement might be well beyond displaceable crimes.
For IAAs, a radioisotopic method that calculates the displaceable insulin radioligand binding after the addition of excess nonradiolabeled insulin (226) is recommended.
An apparatus for continuously produced pressed board has a structuring belt in the form of a metal wire screen which is fed with a respectively endless steel belt and the wood-based mat passing through a continuous press whose heated upper and lower press platens have the belts guided there along via rollers displaceable along closed paths.
Her own body is also unified and organically harmonious; it is no longer a "strange mechanism" (13), the earlier description that suggested she saw herself as a machine, her body an aggregate of different parts, presumably interchangable, or displaceable, like language.
Zuckerman|14~ noted that sensation seeking is a displaceable motive that can be satisfied by many different types of activities.
It is blatantly destabilizing; its origins are either scandalous or irrecoverable; and it is quite dramatically displaceable, undergoing transfigurations from garment to architectural structure and back again, with interest.
C-Series machines are available in two versions: fixed central injection and horizontally displaceable injection unit.
He remarks: "It is interesting that biological tissues, which have been on earth for millions of years, utilize this same feature -- displaceable bound charge -- for generating unusually large electric fields.
Tenders Are Invited for "design and construction / engineering construction / engineering workshop, Training center and modular displaceable simulator".
Fibrous displaceable ridge (15) as forces of mastication cause denture to sink into and tilt on supporting tissues, thus disrupting retentive seal.
If this displaceable energy is desexualized libido, it may also be described as sublimated energy; for it would still retain the main purpose of Eros--that of uniting and binding--in so far as it helps toward establishing the unity or tendency to unity, which is particularly characteristic of the ego.