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A display of habit has two sorts of causes: (a) the past occurrences which generated the habit, (b) the present occurrence which brings it into play.
We could proceed to display manuscripts to our historical sceptic, in which it was said that Caesar had behaved in this way.
It was a noble turnout, and would have made a fine display if we had had thinner weather.
I hear mass every day; I share my substance with the poor, making no display of good works, lest I let hypocrisy and vainglory, those enemies that subtly take possession of the most watchful heart, find an entrance into mine.
There's still time to enjoy the bright lights of the holiday season by checking out some local house displays.
Polymers, long valued for their low cost, ease of manufacture, strength, and ability to fit a wide range of applications, may prove to be the best road to inexpensive, high performance Flat Panel Displays (FPDs).
will lead the visual display business including projectors, plasma displays and LCD monitors in North America.
The new displays qualify as Windows Vista PREMIUM monitors and are positioned within the company's high-end professional line.
Universal Display Corporation (NASDAQ:PANL), the Company that's lighting the way in developing and commercializing OLED technology for flat panel displays, lighting, electronic communications and other opto-electronics with its proprietary PHOLED[TM] phosphorescent OLED technology, is pleased to announce that Dr.
Universal Display's Green PHOLED Emitters in Combination with NSCC's Host Material Offer Excellent Performance for OLED Displays
The collaboration will focus on blue phosphorescent OLED materials for use in displays fabricated through "dry" processing methods, such as vacuum thermal evaporation.
NASDAQ:PLNR), a worldwide leader in specialty display solutions, today announced it has enhanced the Dome line of diagnostic displays to increase the resolution, scalability and usability of the EX series in line with the strategy to provide value-added display solutions in specialty markets.