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Through the distributor agreement, both companies will be offering the full range of Biocorp's ecologically responsible products, including: food service products and disposables, liners, and bags.
Advances will be fueled by aboveaverage revenue growth in the limited service segment, which only accounts for about one-third of overall restaurant revenues but generates a much higher share of foodservice disposables demand.
Medical nonwoven disposables are used to prevent infection and maintain hygiene during the surgical procedures.
US DISPOSABLE MEDICAL SUPPLIES DEMAND (million dollars) Item 1999 2004 2009 Disposable Medical Supplies 38820 54100 71100 IV, Catheterization & Related 17700 27000 37050 Wound Management Supplies 4870 6130 7570 Nonwoven Medical Disposables 4680 5820 7030 Other 11570 15150 19450 % Annual Growth Item 04/99 09/04 Disposable Medical Supplies 6.
But in any area, a shift to disposables means a shift in validation requirements and efforts, and suppliers and manufacturers alike are examining the changes in requirements and the impact on their businesses.
The Agency is seeking comments on the requirements outlined for reusable and disposable industrial wipes and the no free liquids standard.
North American consumption of disposable baby diapers has also been threatened by a decreasing birth rate.
Which is better for the environment, disposable or cloth diapers?
Riedel's research shows that while disposable storage products did have an initial impact on retail shelf space traditionally allotted to foils and wraps, such as plastic bags, the disposable products are now starting to tap into the market for traditional food storage containers.
Since entering the market in 1988, disposable contact lenses have come to account for one in five new prescriptions for contacts.
The Global Disposable Hospital Supplies Market is Forecast to Exceed $14 billion by 2017
10 Raw Material Demand in Foodservice Disposables 37