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He also appealed to the people to dispose of garbage in dust bins.
Low-energy bulbs - but how do you dispose of them safely, with-out taking them all the way to Haverton Hill?
Dispose of medicines that are not in their original container or that have changed color or odor.
More than 265 bins were safely disposed of as part of the free Dispose of Unused Medicines Properly project which was organised by the HSE South and community pharmacists in Cork and Kerry.
Medical centres are slapped with a Dh200,000 fine if they are found flouting the rules and do not dispose of their waste appropriately as per the regulations issued by Sharjah Municipality.
Under current legislation, it is for the owner of the land where the carcase is found to correctly dispose of it.
If you wish to clean your fish, the waste may not be disposed within 100 feet of the shoreline whether in the water or on land, If you are on a large body of water, you may dispose of the waste in the water as long as it is done more than 100 feet from shore.
Any business, including those operated from home, should legally dispose of controlled waste.
4m to local councils to help them dispose of domestic fridges.
At the same time, Georgia residents and businesses are paying millions of dollars to dispose of the same kinds of materials," Mike Beatty, DCA commissioner, says.
Moreover, being rechargeable, 'eneloop'can be used 1000 times*3 over and without the need to dispose of the dry cell battery each time it is used up, it greatly reduces the troubles involved in the 'storage and disposal of used dry cell batteries'.