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Paintings of scenes from plays were particularly susceptible to disapproval from purist critics who typically employed the words "theatrical" and "theatricality" as terms of dispraise.
Behind those few words in the letter to Cassandra lies a world of comic acknowledgment of our pleasure in depreciating others along with Austen's delight in presenting herself as the comic butt, the gossiping delighter in dispraise.
With the constant inclination to dispraise cities & civilization, he yet can find no way to honour woods & woodmen except by paralleling them with towns & townsmen.
praise and dispraise of rulers incline toward kitsch, in the strict
Using Stuart Energy's proprietary IMET water electrolysis technology, the HESfp will generate, and dispraise zero-emission hydrogen fuel to a fleet of AQMD hydrogen-powered vehicles.
Esteem is gained and dispraise is avoided by putting one's efficiency in evidence" (1899, p.
Courtiers like Elyot, with his Book of the Governor, and Francis Bryan, in his Dispraise of the life of a courtier, both followed the eminent example of Castiglione, for whom hunting was 'the true pastime of great lords, a suitable pursuit for a courtier.
The use serueth properlie to praise, dispraise, to distinguish, but most commonly to confute by the inuersion of the sentence.
He says he writes "in dispraise of ruins," yet he is fascinated by them, and is reminded of English poets like Hopkins at Epidauros or American poets like Melville on the Acropolis, so that he carries his English literary heritage with him wherever he goes.
1 'Thus perhaps he would write one year an encomium on avarice (for he loved paradoxes), and a year or two after in dispraise of liberality.
Part 2, "In Dispraise of Politics," reviews some fundamentals of public choice, such as theories assuming that bureaucrats are selfish utility maximizers, showing how logrolling can make the participants worse off, and showing the inherent instability of majority rule.
Bledsoe has provided, and it is his eventual discovery of the cruel dispraise that these sealed letters from the malignant old man have actually conveyed that leads him to think: "Everyone seemed to have some plan for me, and beneath that some more secret plan.