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20 With regard to mode of delivery, it is clear from our results that surgical deliveries due to Feto-maternal disproportion were in insulin treated patients than in metformin treated patients with a ratio of 7: 2 respectively.
referred to the Treatment Service for Dentofacial Deformities of the Lauro Wanderley University Hospital who underwent a Speech-Language Pathology assessment because he presented maxillomandibular disproportion (angle class III), with indicative of orthognathic surgery.
Most common indication was cephalo-pelvic disproportion (34.
The disproportion code category was expanded to include a final digit for the fetus with the deformity (TABLE, page 45).
La proportion - ou la disproportion, c'est selon - a ete depassee hier avec 9 contre 109.
Avoid slimA[degrees]cut trousers or jeans as this will draw attention to the disproportion of the lower half of the body.
Such disproportion in the enjoyment of their human rights makes women more vulnerable to different forms of abuse and discrimination.
By switching to a CPI-linked system, committing to more frequent valuations and scrapping downward transition from 2017 for those businesses that have been hardest hit, any future Government could make huge strides towards redressing the imbalances in the system, and reducing an increasingly disproportion burden on growth and job-creating enterprise.
The system these men directed was extraordinarily complex and in constant flux, but its defining characteristic (despite belated moves towards broader-based taxation) was a disproportion of revenue to expenses, and thus massive borrowing.
High head in primigravida has long been considered a possible sign of cephalo pelvic disproportion.
For a side that's not won the league for so long to still have this almost disproportion at representation of support around the world, for unsuccessful league side, has to be pressure year after year.
Abnormal fetal head positions result in the fetal head introduced with larger diameters and the presence of cephalopelvic disproportion.