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We genuinely believe that if we get enough people playing the game we'll be able to disprove once and for all any notion that someone else was involved in the assassination.
The more we try and fail to disprove the idea, the stronger our belief in it will become.
But like their counterparts in the social sciences, literary theories are notoriously difficult to disprove.
Too often, even scientists who should know better subscribe to this hypothesis, though it is impossible to prove or disprove.
Even a well-designed trial doesn't prove or disprove the benefits of antioxidants.
However, in the usual conditional evaluation task he suggests that quantified conditionals are assessed using the following strategy, based on consideration of the target hypothesis alone: Combinations of events that must sometimes occur under the hypothesis support it; those that may occur support it or tell you nothing; those that cannot occur disprove it.
Research is then undertaken to prove or disprove the theory.
Still, as extensive genetic sequences of the many other primates become available, Pilbeam suspects that the timing of the final hominid-chimp split will be moved back far enough to disprove the hybridization hypothesis.
They formulate theories and then act to prove or disprove them.
JFK: Reloaded recreates the last few moments of the President's life and challenges participants to help disprove any conspiracy theory by recreating the three shots fired from the infamous sixth floor of the Dallas book repository.
New York -- C-Fam's Austin Ruse also reports on a conference held at UN headquarters on February 19, 2004, which considered tactics to disprove that the UN promotes abortion.