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It is noteworthy that the project team for China's Top 100 Green Companies continuously followed and monitored the disputable events in the companies that were awarded this prize in 2010.
While the second UN report is expected to include the disputable areas in Ninevah Flat and Khanaqin areas, people in those areas continue to wait impatiently for the outcome.
22) Observed differences in the frequencies of wrong, correct, and disputable decisions are statistically significant.
The lead actor didn't live up to the advance billing, but few ever do, and those who exceed the audience's expectations are soon drowned out by the chorus, that collection of motley warthogs and pokey porcupines that magazine editors try to honor with medals of disputable merit.
money and their own highly disputable greatness (how many songs can Snoop
Paul Gascoigne, on the other hand, has a way with words and mathematics: "I've had 14 bookings this season - eight of which were my fault but seven of which were disputable.
The sheer magnitude and scale of public and private income and health care programs under social security that have become an indispensable aspect of public policy captured the attention of researchers and policy makers, resulting in an overwhelming body of literature and wide range of disputable perspectives.
All will be able to give viewers at home second, third and 10th looks at disputable plays, and supply even more ammunition for those who insist that some element of instant replay needs to be implemented to help end a lot of the confusion that was evident during the recent league championship series.
Powerhouse fought hard and, after several close second placings and disputable decisions, the team spirit won through to secure a place in the 500m plate final, which they won to gain a further eight points towards their Premier league rating, making a total of 59 points over six events.
Disputable Tax: This is the amount of tax specified at the time of the deposit as the taxpayer's reasonable estimate of the maximum amount of any tax attributable to "disputable items.
Whether it is accurate to say that 'tractarianism never recovered the confidence and iconoclasm' of the period before Newman left is a disputable point: those Anglo-Catholic priests who went to gaol would, perhaps, have disagreed.
McClellan is one of the most disputable and often denigrated figures of the Civil War.